Friday, June 18, 2010

WSOP Day 21 Update

Event 31, $1500 HORSE, Day 2:  Started the day with a decent stack but ran bad, finally getting JJ vs AA in limit holdem, and my stack was down to 2700 at 400/800 blinds.  Next hand I got 99 and stole the blinds somehow.  Next hand I got it all in with KK vs Phil Ivey's AA, and hit nothing on the flop or turn and was down to 2 outs for my tourney life, but somehow binked a king on the river to stay alive with about 10k chips.  Then went on a crazy rush including winning a huge 3 way razz hand where I hit the river and both opponents missed, and 20 minutes later I had about 50k chips.  Got my stack up to about 90k about an hour later and played another huge 3-way razz hand, this time where all 3 of us had an 8 made going into the river, but I had the best 8, but someone made a 7.  By the time we got in the $ i had 66k chips, which was about 1.5x average stack.  After that I ran really bad for a half hour and was down below 20k chips, but then won an allin pot in razz where I had to hit the river to make an 8 vs my opponent's 9, and got back to 42k chips.  Unfortunately I never got much going after that and busted about an hour later in 50th place for $3773.

$10k Heads-Up NLHE tomorrow at 5pm.

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