Wednesday, June 9, 2010

WSOP Day 12 Update

I'm going to go in chronological order for this update.


Event 17, 5k NLHE: Registered at the beginning of level 2 and played until the end of level 3. Never played a big pot and ended level 3 with about the starting stack.


Event 15, 10k Stud8, Day 3: Was last in chips out of 18 people coming into the day with only 16 spots paying, so not a great spot to be in obviously. Fortunately I scooped my first hand to get up to around 200k then was never really in danger of bubbling as there were a few short stacks. After the bubble my stack was down to around 40k but then I scooped a few pots to get my stack up to 370k at the first break, which was about average stack with 13 people left.


Event 17: Went back to play some holdem on the break and won 3 hands out of about 6 that I played to get my stack from 12k to 18k.


Event 15: Couldn't get much going in the stud8 after the first break, folded the river in a big pot that I knew I was ahead up to the river, but there was just no way he could bet into me without having me beat. Lost a few other small pots to get down to around 100k. Then someone raises and I have AK6 all spades and decide this is the hand I'm going with so I reraise and he calls, and we get all the money in by 5th street, where I have two kings and he has a flush draw. He hits the flush on 6th street but I catch a third king to pick up a few outs. Unfortunately I don't fill up on the river and I bust in 10th place for $43,833.


Dinner at Buzio's since the 5k event had just started their dinner break when I busted.


Event 17: Arrive back at the NLHE event with 15k chips, which was the starting stack. Within a half hour I win 2 all in pots to get to around 70k, then I lose 2 big pots to get back down to 20k, then win 2 more big pots to get back to around 75k at the last break. Same story in the last 2 levels, lost a ton of chips with QQ on a 245 flop where the guy had A3, and was down to 19k. Then I raised utg and got 4 callers, and the big blind shipped and I called with KK and it held up, and that pumped me back up to over 50k. Won a few small pots at the end of the day to end with 63,600. We resume at 2:30 tomorrow.

I'll probably play the 10k 2-7 NL if I bust before dinner tomorrow.


  1. Nice work -- keep the rungood going today.

  2. grats on the long overdue cash, wp
    the overdue bracelet is coming up shortly, I'm sure


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