Tuesday, June 15, 2010

WSOP Day 18 Update

Event 24, $1k NLHE, Day 2:  Went into the day with about 9k chips which was about half of the average stack with about 500 people left, and 342 spots being paid.  I open-shoved 2 of the first 5 hands or so, then shoved 2 other hands after someone opened, and finally had like 18k without showing down a hand.  Then I tried to bluff someone in a spot where I probably shouldn't have, and was down to 7k.  At this point we were about 40 people from the money, so I basically nitted it up for like 15-20 hands, folding 66, aj, and aq after ppl opened because I had no fold equity, and made the money with about 5k chips.  The first hand after the bubble burst I had qj utg at 500/100 and shoved my last 5k chips.  The big blind called me with k3 and i didn't hit anything and busted in 341st place for $1864.  I busted just in time for the beginning of...

Event 27, $1500 Stud8:  Didn't really get much going in this one, never had more than double the starting stack, busted at the end of level 7.

$2500 PLO tomorrow, I just hope I last long enough in this one so that I can avoid the 10k limit holdem.  :)

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  1. i dont know why, but each time i come here, i think u had no edge on those donkamentz


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