Wednesday, June 2, 2010

WSOP Day 5 Update

Event 6, $5000 NLHE Shootout: Hovered around the starting stack of 15k for the first 5 hours, then won 2 big pots to get to around 70k about a half hour before the dinner break. Then in the next 10 minutes or so I lost 20k with AJ vs KK, 35k with 77 vs qt, and my last 15k with a3 vs 66, so that wasn't very fun considering I had about half the chips at my table.

Event 7, $2500 Triple Draw: Registered late for this one since I was still in the previous event. Had a couple of tougher tables to start but the table I got moved to after the dinner break was just ridiculous. People were drawing 3 or 4 cards every hand, and huge pots were being built. Unfortunately I couldn't hit a hand to save my life, which is especially frustrating at a table like that, and I busted about an hour before the end of the day.

$1500 donkament tomorrow at noon.

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