Thursday, June 17, 2010

WSOP Day 20 Update

Quick update because I'm sleepy:

Event 30, $1500 NLHE:  Busted in like half an hour after getting all my chips with K7 on a Kh8hJx flop at 150/300 with about 3500 chips after raising into a big blind who was sitting out.  Pretty sure I can never fold on the flop in that spot.

Event 31, $1500 HORSE:  Definitely one of the better events of the series from a value standpoint.  Ran reasonably well all day and had a few beers during the evening (which may or may not have helped my play) and ended the day with 15000 chips from the starting stack of 4500, which should be slightly above average.  Day 2 starts at 3pm.

Will play the $2500 PLHE/PLO tomorrow if I bust before dinner in the HORSE.

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