Tuesday, June 29, 2010

WSOP Day 33 Update

Event 49, $1500 NLHE, Day 2:  Went into the day with 96k chips putting me in 11th position with 290 people left and 270 getting paid, so I had pretty high hopes obviously.  On the first hand of the day I lose about 13k chips vs the other big stack at the table when I missed a straight and flush draw in a spot that I would have won a big pot if I had hit b/c I could tell he was really strong and he later told me he had a set.  A few hands later I get 66 in the small blind at 600/1200 blinds and raise to 3600, the big blind goes all in for about 35k, I snapcall, he has QJo, flop was safe but he hit a queen on the turn and now I'm down to like 45k.  I managed to lose flips to shortstacks two more times before the bubble burst and when the bubble broke I was down to like 30k.  After this I shoved once or twice a round for a couple hours and my stack stayed about the same.  The final hand I shove 10 big blinds in the small blind with q4 and big blind calls with K8 and I miss.  I finished a rather disappointing 166th place for $3433.  Just so frustrating going into the day with almost 3 times the average stack and busting in a little over 2 hours, but it's easy to do when you never win a pot all day except for a few blind steals.

Anyway enough ranting, gonna rest up a bit now.  Still feeling kind of sick with a cold or whatever.  I don't play til tomorrow at 5pm, and it's a $1500 limit holdem shootout, which is a pretty quick event usually, so it shouldn't be too taxing anyway.

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