Saturday, June 26, 2010

WSOP Day 29 Update

Event 46, $5k PLO8:  Kind of a boring game but so many people are willing to get their money in so bad in this game, so it's a good spot.  Hovered around even for the first half of the day, then got all my chips in with A34T vs A24Q on a Q52 flop, and hit a 6 on the turn to double up to around 30k.  Soon after that I got all my chips in again with 22c3c6 vs AcKc95 on a 27cQc board, he made the low on the turn and I faded the flush on the river so we chopped that one.  A few hands after that I flopped top set with aces and won about 12k on the hand after he folded the turn, so I was up over 40k as our table broke with about a half hour left in the day.  I get moved to a table with a lot of guys with like 1k-6k chips, and I manage to get scooped 5 times by the shortstacks in the last half hour and end the day with 18,000 chips.  We start day 2 at 3pm with probably slightly less than half the field still in and 400/800 blinds.

Will play the $2500 8-game at 5pm if I bust this before dinner.

Getting a little tired the last few days so I might be skipping a few events the last week depending on how I'm feeling.  I still feel like I'm playing fine but I don't know how many 15 hour days I have left in me.  We'll see.

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  1. lol, ur still on sharkscope top leaderaboard:P
    When u come back the money waits u:)


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