Monday, June 21, 2010

WSOP Day 24 Update

Event 36, $1k NLHE:  Only lasted like an hour in this one, got it all in on a 765 flop with 99 vs A8 and 87, ace on turn, gg.

Event 38, $10k PLHE:  Wasn't sure if I was going to play this event, but I decided to.  I held around the starting stack of 30k for the first six hours.  There was a pattern all day today, I would make a hero call and win a decent pot (at least 3 of them where I got a reliable tell on someone, thus making it an easy call), then a few hands later I would get coolered in a spot where there's no way I can avoid losing a lot of chips.  This happened about 5 times.  Finally with about 20 minutes left in the day I picked up JJ in early position with a 30k stack at 500/1000 blinds, and the utg player made it 2300 and I called and the big blind called.  Flop came Kxx, bb checked, utg bets like 4500, I call.  Turn comes another king, utg bets like 9k, I tank for a while, then the utg player does one of my favorite 'weak' tells (I don't want to reveal what it is), and when he does this I call.  River is a low card and I'm hoping he goes allin so i can snapcall, but unfortunately he checks and I check back and my jacks are good.  Then with 10 minutes left in the day I have about 60k chips, still 500/1000, cutoff opens for 2500, I make it 7500 on the button with TT, and this was about the fifth time I had 3-bet him after he opened, and he folded all the other times, and I knew he was getting fed up with me.  I was hoping he'd 4-bet so I could get it in, but instead he calls and we see a flop of K74.  He fairly quickly leads out for 10k and I just know he's weak and I want to let him fire again on the turn or river, so I call.  Turn is a 9, he checks, I check.  River is a ten giving me a set.  He bets about 30k and I go all in for a few more chips and he calls and has QJ for the nut straight.  Just a ridiculous hand b/c I probably don't go broke on any card other than a ten on the river, unless he bets a queen or a jack, which I think was unlikely.

Just really annoyed with how the day ended because I'm so happy with how I played and all my reads were perfect today.  I don't think I've ever played a better day of nlhe (pot limit holdem actually, but basically the same thing).

Anyway, done ranting for now, $1500 nlhe shootout at noon, and $2500 razz at 5pm if I bust the shootout.

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