Saturday, June 26, 2010

WSOP Day 30 Update

Event 46, $5k PLO8, Day 2:  Won 3/4 of a pot when allin twice in the first few hands in hands where I hit a backdoor flush draw, and my stack was around 40k for a bit, but it was short lived.  Lost a couple pots to some shortstacked players, then got my last chips in with Ad3d5Q preflop and didn't hit anything.

Event 48, $2500 8-game:  One of the events I was really looking forward to, and I started off great winning 3 triple draw pots and getting above 10k in the first 6 hands of the tourney.  After that I just bled chips in every game and went bust in PLO when I called 3 streets with bottom set and the guy showed a rivered straight, gg me.


  1. In total , how much money u loose in wsop for now?

  2. dunno i'll add it up at the end, hopefully i win some in the meantime though :) wsop is quite the struggle sometimes.

  3. and win in this wsop?

  4. Nice... go on man! u are good!


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