Sunday, June 13, 2010

WSOP Day 17 Update

Event 24, $1k NLHE:  Started with 3k, chipped up to like 5k by the end of level 4, then at the beginning of level 5 I won a huge pot with QQ vs AK and 99 to get to around 20k.  Then I lost some chips when I 3bet with JJ and another guy with a lot of chips 4bet me and I folded, I just didn't think he ever has a worse hand there.  Then later I hero-call down with 2nd pair in a spot where he should be bluffing a lot, and he wasn't bluffing.  So then I was down to about 3k.  After a few timely shoves and a double-up with QQ vs A5, I ended day 1 with 9200 chips.  Should be around 500 people left tomorrow when we restart at 2:30, and they pay 342 spots.

If I bust this in the first few levels tomorrow I'll play the $1500 stud8.

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  1. how do you hack in to the pokerclients?


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