Saturday, May 1, 2010

Chopped the Supernova Freeroll for $80k

So I wake up this morning and I had no plans of playing poker today. But then a friend messages me with a question about the million-dollar Supernova Freeroll tourney, and I'm thinking something like "oh crap, that's today isn't it?", so I look in the lobby and there's 1 minute left in late registration, so I sign up. Then I decide I don't really feel like playing that much, so I decide to open-ship most hands until I either double up or bust. Finally I ship 55 and get called by QQ and win that one, then I play normal after that.

8 hours of super-rungood later, and I'm still in with 5 people left, so we decide to chop it up and I get $80k.

It's kind of sad in a way that this more than doubles my biggest tourney score ever, and it was in a freeroll...especially considering I've probably played at least 50 tourneys in my life with a buyin of $5k or more. But whatever, I'll take it, I'm not complaining.

SCOOP starts tomorrow, I just hope I didn't use up all my luck. :)


  1. hi jorg, im capotinha... my AA in ft and your kk its bad k on the turn....

    bad beaaaaaaatttttttt lollll i won 20k and you 83...
    not wanted send a reward by the king for my?
    hehe gl

  2. Haha sorry about the beat, bud, that hand was pretty sick.

  3. jorj95 hi from spain, youre my idol.

    Best regards.

  4. GG jorj95, gl on Hyperturbos but watch out whit ACOIMBRA =P

  5. I bought shares of you in the Supernova freeroll. You didnt see any transfers tho since the buy-in was free, but trust me, I had a 10% stake in you.... awaiting payment. :P

  6. Hey, i am also playing hyperturbos, i have 3 % roi over only 2,2 k games. I had about 5% roi the first 1000 games, and I do sitngowiz analyse my hands etc, and i do alot less mistKes now, even tho the mistKes i do is rarely over -1,5%EV. My question for you or everyone is, how much can your roi swing while you plar relatively same style over time. Can it happen that next 1000 games my roi raise with 2%? thanks!

  7. Just finished 15 minutes of watching you play in all the SCOOP 08 levels...and you increased your chip stack significantly during my time watching you (is there a better term for this? Railing? Railbirding? Can't really be sweating since I didn't buy a stake, right?) in each one. Clearly, my presence = automatic rungood. However, now that it's almost 10pm and WAY past my bedtime, you'll have to survive without my help. But my more serious question for you is as follows: while I'm at work, trying not to ACTUALLY work, what's the best way to check in on your progress? This blog? Your stake thread on 2+2? Your Well thread on 2+2?

    Thanks in advance (and you're welcome for the awesome karma I brought you).


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