Sunday, May 16, 2010

Saturday and Sunday SCOOP Update

Sorry these will be kind of quick as I'm a bit tired right now.

Event 34, $5200 PLO 6-max:  Doubled up early in this one, but never got much going after that and finished in the middle of the pack.

Event 35, $2600 Heads-up NLHE:  Had a really long first round match where I kept getting knocked down then I'd double up, but I finally lost after about an hour and a half.

Event 36, $2100 HORSE, Never really had much more than the starting stack in this one, and busted within a few hours.

Event 37, $2100 NLHE:  Got up around 50k from the starting stack of 10k, but then decided to turn top pair into a bluff on a 4 flush board in what may have not been a good spot to do so, then busted shortly after that.

Event 38, $10,300 NLHE:  Stayed around the starting stack for about 6 hours, then doubled up with AJ vs AK when I flopped 2 pair, then shortly after that I got it all in with ATs vs a late position raiser and he had KK.

Kind of disappointed with how things went the last few days.  Only had 1 cash in my last 23 events overall.

I'm still in 1st on the SCOOP leaderboard, and I should win it unless 'teacuppoker' finishes in the top 3 in the $2100 NLHE that's still going.  He's currently in 11th out of 98 people.  So I may have to do a little anti-sweating.  :)

And finally, thanks to everyone who followed me and supported me during SCOOP, it's really nice to see all the comments and encouragement from you guys.  And thanks to all the people who participated in my webcast today, it was really fun to do once I actually figured it all out from the technical side.


  1. who would win in a boxing match, you or Phil Hellmuth?

  2. Good luck with the leaderboard.

    Are you putting up a summary of results and roi for your backers?

  3. yeah i'll post a summary in the next day or 2, sorry i'm really tired and resting a bit now but i'll get around to it very soon.

  4. What's the total money won? I can't find u on the pokerstars list.

  5. Grats on scoop leader board and all your success!
    BEASTLY as always!


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