Monday, May 10, 2010

Sunday SCOOP Update

Event 19, $2100 NLHE Big Antes:  Got my stack up around 25k from the starting stack of 10k and hung on for a while, but lost a couple big hands late (that I'm way too tired to remember right now), and busted about 6 hours in.

Event 20, $2100 NLHE:  Had a big hand in the first couple hours when I had AK and the flop came QJT and 2 people went all in ahead of me, which was nice. That hand got my stack up to about 38k from the starting stack of 10k.  Was towards the top of the chip leaderboard for a while and cruised into the money with a slightly above average stack, but then lost a huge hand when I got all the money in preflop with QQ vs 97 and he ended up making a straight.  So at that point I was down to around 11k with about 100 people left.  A few minutes later I got moved to a different table and proceeded to win 4 hands in the next 10 minutes including 3 all in showdowns to bring my stack from 11k to around 162k, which put me in the top 10 in chips at the time.  I made Day 2 with 214k in chips which puts me in 21st place with 49 people left, with $380k for first, which wouldn't suck.  We resume at 17:00 EST on Monday.


  1. WOW! You are the most amazing player alive. I looked up your stats this year on PlayerScope. Never mind the earnings, shows 43,972 games played with an avg buy-in of $136.46.

    The math shows your VPP is around 3 million, is that right?? MY GOD! You can have almost 50 mill FPPS at this rate. You are my hero! Keep it up!

  2. George...
    Hate I know you must be tired as hell after that late run last night (I am too because I was up watching). A couple things, which I am guessing you couldn't remember because you are so tired. when you got QQ all in preflop, the other guy had 68s, not 97, he flopped and open ended and turned the straight.

    Also, I checked right after that when you were down to around 11k in chips, and you were in 115th place with 115 people. I was like "oh well"... went to the bathroom, came back, and you were in the top 20 with over 150k, I almost fell out of my chair.

    Hopefully I can watch some tonight too... good job and good luck!

  3. @JonB11 yeah you're right it was 68 not 79, I was pretty tired at the time :)

  4. GL today George!

  5. Good luck George. Sweden is rooting for you!


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