Monday, May 10, 2010

Monday SCOOP Update

Had a few decent shots today, kind of disappointing.

Event 20, $2100 NLHE (day 2):  Came in 21st in chips with 49 people left.  Had a really aggressive table, but I raised once with AA and once with QQ, and everyone folded.  My bustout hand, I raised in early position with KQ of spades, big blind calls, flop came ATx with the A and T of spades,  I bet, he minraised, I'm figuring he's got a pretty good hand, but I don't want to get bet off my hand on the turn, so I shove and he calls with AT, turn and river are blanks, and I finish 34th for $8051.20.

Event 21, $1575 PLHE/PLO:  Had a big stack for most of this tournament.  I can't remember much as far as hands go right now, but my bustout hand was all in preflop with AT vs QQ, I hit an ace on the flop, but he hit a Q to win the hand.  I finished in 15th place for $5418.75.  Also got 8th in the $162 buyin version of this event.

Event 22, 4-max NLHE:  Busted about 20 minutes into the tourney with JJ vs KK on a 9 high flop.  Not much else to write about this one.

Event 23, $1050+R NLHE (turbo):  Ran bad during the rebuy period, but then won a few hands.  Had a slightly below average stack with 48 people left, 45 people getting paid.  I shove the small blind with 96o for about 11 bb's because the big blind has about the same stack and should be calling me pretty tight with the bubble looming.  Unfortunately he called with ATo and I didn't hit, so I finished just out of the money.  I was in for $6050 total.


  1. thanks for the updates! keep up the good work!

  2. How about a running $ total, ROI, etc.

  3. Hi George. I am located in Phoenix and wondered if you did any one on one live training. I am trying to enhance my game and I have always admired how you play.

    If so, please shoot me an email at

  4. congrats on ure 2nd spot in hi lo stud,n1


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