Friday, May 7, 2010

Friday SCOOP Update

Had a lil better day today.

Event 13, $1575 NLHE Ante-Up:  I loved the structure for this tournament as some people were really awful at adjusting to it.  Unfortunately I busted in level 1 when I got it all in with KK vs AK.

Event 14, $5200 Limit Omaha H/L:  Was down to like 2k from the starting stack of 5k within the first couple hours, but then went on an insane rush to get around 30k and was about 3rd in chips with about 20 people left.  Then I went completely card dead heading up to the final table and was down to 4k chips with 10 people left (the final table is 9 people, and only the final table cashes in this tournament).  Luckily I won 2 hands where I was all in with 10 people left and made the final table.  While at the final table I got my stack up over 40k, but then lost a few hands in a row and busted out in 6th place for a cash of $18,425.

Event 15, $1575 NLHE Turbo 2x Chance:  Ran really hot at the beginning of this tourney and got up over 30k from a starting stack of 5k by the end of the rebuy period.  Got a ton of big hands after this and won a few and lost a few, my stack bouncing all over the place.  Finally I get close to the bubble and have to fold a few rounds because I didn't really get any hands worth shoving, and I had big stacks acting after me so it wasn't like I could really steal much.  Finally got in the money with about 30k chips and shoved from under the gun the first hand after we were in the money with a5o and blinds 2500/5000, got called in 2 spots and I'm just praying I have something to root for.  Luckily my ace was live, but unluckily it didn't hit, and I busted in 61st place for $4580.  Also, I never used the rebuy so I was only in for the initial buyin of $1575.


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