Thursday, May 13, 2010

Thursday SCOOP Update

Event 29, $3150 8-game:  Ran pretty good early, doubling my starting stack in the first couple hours, but then went quickly downhill and busted about an hour later.

Event 30, $1050 PLO H/L:  Just a ridiculous game that people play so badly.  Got all my chips in in good spots with >50% equity 3 times and never won more than a quarter of the pot.  Busted in the first hour.

Did have 3 more cashes today though including a 11th in the $320 8-game, which puts me in pretty good shape for the player of the series award.  I should be up around 100 points after today, and winning an event is only worth 100 points, so someone would have to run really good to catch me at this point.

The complete standings can be found here:

The prizes are:

1st:  Monte Carlo package, Bahamas package, and WCOOP main event ticket
2nd:  Bahamas package and WCOOP main event ticket
3rd:  WCOOP main event ticket


  1. Very nice work! Let me know how soon I need to get you my information for the Bahamas trip (I'm sure your better half won't mind, she's probably getting tired of this kind of stuff).


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