Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Tuesday SCOOP Update

Really tired right now so these are going to be brief, but I had a really good day today.

Event 24, $1050 2-7 Triple Draw:  Triple draw is probably the game that I'm best at.  Also, I hit tons of hands in this one and ran really good in general, which doesn't hurt.  Ended up finishing 8th for $4550.

Event 25, $2100 Stud H/L:  Was down to about 1500 chips from the starting stack of 5k within the first 2 hours, then hit a crazy rush and about an hour later I was chip leader of the tournament.  From that point on I'm pretty sure I was never out of the top 2 or 3 in chips, and ended up finishing 2nd for $44,400.  I also finished 3rd in the low version of this event ($22 buyin) for a cash of $5137.20.

Event 26, $1050 NLHE:  Lost about half my stack early with QQ vs AA on a low flop, and never really recovered from that.  Busted about an hour and a half into the tournament.  One thing I've been quite good at in this SCOOP is either busting really quickly, or cashing.  Not much in-between.  :)


  1. George + $44,400 + $5,137 = STUD!

  2. you know that your are leading the leaderboard???

  3. Nice! Keep up the good work Jorj!

  4. I had always thought that it was impossible to play multi tables of stud (due to having to remember the mucked face-up cards). I guess that still applies to mere mortals like myself but after your 2nd & 3rd in simultaneous stud8 tournaments I can see it doesn't apply to you. An amazing result!


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