Thursday, May 6, 2010

Thursday SCOOP Update

Event 11, $2100 PLO Heads Up:  First match was fairly even for probably an hour or so, then I flopped the ace high flush in a pot that was 3-bet preflop, and my opponent had the king high flush, and paid me off.  2nd round match I quickly got out to about a 3:1 chip lead with a pretty sick all in checkraise bluff on the river, but then he soon got back to even, then I had a hand where I had QQxx and the flop came AQx, and I got it in and he had AAxx and I failed to hit the 1-outer, and busted.

Event 12, $2600 NLHE Knockout:  The "knockout" part of the title means that each player has a bounty on him, so if you bust someone you get $500.  I flopped a set in the first level and built up my stack from 5k to about 8k, but then got back down around 5k.  About 4 hours into the tourney I get KK in the small blind.  Guy 3 off the button opens to 200 at 50/100, I make it 600, he minreraises to 1000.  I have a strong feeling I'm screwed but whatever I'm not folding KK obviously, so I ship and he calls with AA and busts me.  I don't think I won any bounties but I will check.


  1. confirmed, i didn't win any bounties in event 12

  2. Im sorry if this seems like hindsight, but in those situations don't you feel flat calling the min 4 bet is better than shoving over it. Because if you shove, he may lay down qq or jj, but he may get tempted to play them on a low flop. Also, if you're up against aa and he flops a set of aces, you can get rid of your hand.


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