Saturday, May 8, 2010

Saturday SCOOP Update

Event 16, $2100 NLHE Shootout:  The idea of this is each person plays at a 10 handed table and that table keeps playing until one person has all the chips, then they move on to a table of other winners.  So at my first table I start off slow for the first couple hours, staying around the starting stack of 5k.  Then I got on a little rush and knocked out a couple people and suddenly we're 3 handed and I have about 12k with the blinds 100/200.  Button opens for like 480, I make it 1400 in the big blind with AK, he goes all in, I call instantly.  He has K8o, and an 8 hits the flop, but an ace hits the river and I double up.  I end up busting him soon after that and end up heads up with the other guy with about a 35k-15k chip lead.  One of the first hands of heads up, I raise the button with 44 and he reraises, and I call and see a flop.  It comes 3 spades with a 4 on the flop, so I have bottom set.  He leads into me, I raise, and he ends up going all in and I call, and he has the flush, so after that he was up about 35k-15k.  A few hands later I get it all in preflop with 66 and he has 99 and I don't suck out.

Event 17, $1575+R PLO:  Ran really good in the first hour, building my stack up to around 25k by the end of the rebuy period.  Unfortunately I never really got much going after that and just slowly bled chips, finishing somewhere in the middle of the pack. I was in for $4575 total.

Event 18, $2100 Limit Holdem Turbo:  I decided to register late as I didn't really want to play limit holdem, but I really did want to play a turbo.  I won my first hand to get up from 5k starting stack to around 15k, but then lost a couple hands after that and busted.

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