Friday, May 14, 2010

Friday SCOOP Update

$2100 NLHE 1R1A:  Lost my initial buyin on the first hand of the tourney when i flopped a straight and flush draw and my opponent had the nuts.  After that I built my stack up pretty good, up to around 20k, until a hand where I shoved 2.5x the pot on the turn with JJ on a KQTx board after 3-betting pre and betting the flop.  It's pretty hard for him to call with much of anything in this spot as I can have a lot of strong hands in my range.  He tanked for 2 minutes and finally called with KQ and I didn't hit, and that put my stack down to about 9k.  A few hands later I made a hero call with QQ on a king high board for my whole stack and doubled up back to around 20k.  After that I lost about half my stack on another bluff, then got it in with AK vs 99 and lost the flip.  I was in for $6100 total with rebuys.

$5200 Limit Holdem 6-max:  I was originally going to skip this tournament but I had enjoyed playing limit holdem in the mix-game tournaments and I have tons of experience in this game anyway from back in my early days of playing poker, so I decided to play it.  I felt very comfortable at my table and got my stack from 5k to 10k in the first couple hours, but then the limits got kind of high and I lost a few hands in a row and busted.

$2100 NLO H/L:  This is kind of a silly game.  It's basically about putting all your chips in with a decent hand and hoping you hit if you are called.  Basically any time someone gets a hand with AA in it, they will shove their whole stack, even if it's 100 big blinds.  So the key is if you shove, to not run into aces.  Well my bustout hand there were 2 limpers in early position, and I had a246 with a nut flush draw, about 3 spots from the button, and about 30 big blinds.  I decided to shove as it's so unlikely that either of the 2 limpers has a hand that they can call with as it's likely that each of them have an ace, but not two aces.  And even if I'm called I'm in decent shape against most hands.  Unfortunately one of the limpers had AA and I missed the board and busted.

I played a total of 9 tourneys today between the low, medium, and high buyins, and didn't cash in any.  I think today was the first day that I had 0 cashes.  Kind of sucks when I'm trying to win the leaderboard.  Fortunately the guys in 2nd and 3rd on the leaderboard didn't have any big cashes today either.  Not that I'm rooting against them...okay maybe I am a little.  :)


  1. Hey, why not stake me in a $22 SCOOP event- I'm not allowed to play in the SCOOP in my country, but I managed to get $33 from freerolls, and grinding 1c/2c and I decided to go for it all in the SCOOP (since I probably can't cash out anyway). I played the $22 6-max event. I was busy for some time and I let my friend play. Came back in the 1st break. He showed me the history of a hand. He had kq of hearts on a 23448 board (3 hearts) he bet, the other guy raised him all in. I instantly said "he has a set", and sure enough he had 33. Down to 500 chips. Then I won an all in qt v jt, and moved up to 1.5k. Grinded my way up to 4.5k, playing patiently for 2 hrs until I hit a rush and shot up to 30k Also, I folded ak to a 3 bet 40 BBs deep, and I'm sure I was correct. No 3 betting in that tourney for the first 110 hands or so. Then, I had a minor downswing at a table where the Chip Leader got AK 4 times in 8 hands. Down to 20k. Then, I raise with AQs, and this idiot (calling station) flat calls. Flop comes down q72, and I get 1/3rd my stack in. He calls. Turn comes a 9. Get it all in, turns out he has 99, I bust.

    2nd tourney: Increased stack to about 11-12k 90 mins into tourney and hit a rush and reached 50k. Then, I flatted a 3-bet from an aggressive opponent with AQo(A of spades). Flop comes down 1073 3 spades, he bets I call (should've raised in retrospect). A on the turn, we get it all in he has Ak. Bubble the tourney again.

    I got very close to doing very well in these 2 tourneys, and I would appreciate it if I were staked in a $22 tourney as a 3rd shot at the big time. I know I'm a good MTT player as I've put in 100s, maybe 1000s of hours on my MTT game. I would give you whatever % you chose to take, whether it be 75% or 100% (but 100% would de-motivate me slightly). Please, I may seem like a beggar, but I love poker and I have no other choice. Hope you make the right decision (in my eyes atleast). If you don't good luck for the main event anyways, no hard feelings. BTW, pokerstars ID anmolsrivats.

  2. LMAO... admit you broke the TOS by letting a friend play on your account, and then ask a member of PS Team Pro to stake you... good thinking. Stop begging, and consider yourself lucky you aren't banned.

  3. lol........... well said John, I didn't see that :)


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