Friday, April 30, 2010


I haven't been playing very much the last couple weeks, because the SCOOP starts on Sunday. I plan on playing pretty much every event, but I said that last year too and ended up playing only one event. To be fair I left on vacation about 4 days before the end of the event last year, but still I had over a week's worth of events I could have played, and I only played one (and it was a turbo).

So this year I'm making myself play most of the events. To do this, I am selling pieces of myself, and some of the rules stipulate that I must play a certain number of events, or the investors will receive a higher percentage of my total cashes.

Here is the thread explaining it all for anyone who's interested, or just curious:

Twoplustwo thread

Also, I will be doing a video chat on the day of the SCOOP main event (May 16), I will post more details when I get them.

Oh, and in case you don't understand where the title of this post comes from, it's kind of a play on a funny scene from Old School.


  1. Nice ;) I will rail u Jorj! always nice too, but its kinda sad u dont have that other avatar on Pokerstars =(

  2. Shipped 1200 from account ElCanalla. Please confirm is that right.
    GL Jorj!

    PS: Make us rich, hehe.

  3. Shipped 300 from account ksarense,please confirm its all ok. Good luck!


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