Wednesday, July 6, 2011

WSOP Day 36, 50k Player's Championship Day 4

You guys get the quick quick version because I'm sure most of you were following me anyway, but basically I started the day off good and got above 2 mil which was close to the chipleaders, then as the bubble approached I lost a lot of hands and was down to 500k, then the bubble burst and I lost more hands and I folded a triple draw hand with probably like 500k in the pot on the end with only 17k behind.  So whatever I think I'm probably done.  Then I quadruple up and triple up on the next 2 hands to get to over 200k and stuck around 200-500k for the next few hours, basically winning every time I was all in and losing any time I wasn't.  I had a few ridiculous suckouts to stay alive, hitting a 2 outer and a 3 outer in separate pots, then went on a massive heater at the end of the day and ended with 2,315,000 chips and am currently in 4th out of 9 people left.

I hope this is all coherent because it's like 6:30 am and I just got done playing for like 15 hours.

Anyone interested in hand histories just go to pokernews , I need to get a little sleep, we restart at 3pm.  I'm pretty sure it will be shown on espn2 with a half hour delay, but don't quote me on that.  I will tweet and let you all know where you can watch it though.

EDIT:  I believe it's on not espn2.


  1. Rooting for ya. Go, go, go. Will be railing u if I bust my deepstacks. Nice to finally run into you at buzios the other night. Best of luck and take it down!

  2. Great job, congratulations on the FT, would be nice to take this one down for a 1st bracelet!



  3. Go Jorj. Can't wait for work to end so I can go home and watch. Take it down. SNP

  4. Coming back from 17K is so sick. What amazing discipline to fold there. Obviously you're destined to win this thing.

  5. Bracelet time good luck!

  6. wow, just awesome! best of luck and take it down!

  7. glgl, I'll definitely be watching

  8. Was refreshing all day from London. Take it down Mr Lind!!

  9. Amazing job Jorj! Take it down!

  10. Hope you make me rich ;) Good investment with 20%

  11. damn, failed to buy shares this time. good luck dude, take it down!

  12. Gl gl gl dude !!!
    You really deserve the gold ! One fkg time !!!!

  13. I don't think I've ever had hitting the refresh button every 2 minutes watching you chip up from 17k. Gluck and take it down!

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