Sunday, July 3, 2011

WSOP Day 33, 50k Player's Championship

Event 55, $50k 8-game:  Had a really tough table all day with Bill Chen, Robert Williamson, Daniel Negreanu, me, David Bach, Joe Cassidy, Barry Greenstein, and Brett Richey, in that order.  Obviously there aren't many easy tables in this tournament but there are definitely better ones than that.  I pretty much went on a slow downward slide all day in the limit games, but picked up a few big nlhe pots to stay afloat, which is pretty much the opposite of what my plan was.  I think my biggest strength is the limit games in this format, but sometimes that's just the way the cards work.  The last level I was really unhappy with how I played a stud8 hand where I definitely could have bluff raised the river and won the pot.  My board was Th4h6hKc and I had split tens from the start, and his was 7c9c9s6s, and he value bet 2 pair into me on the river in a spot where he's usually just betting a low, since I had bet every street previously, but if he reraises my raise he almost always has a low and in that case it's hard for him to have 10s beat, so if I raise the river obviously it's a really tough call for him to make with just 2 pair.  It's a play I know to make but for some reason just didn't think he'd be betting 2 pair very often there.  Also another triple draw hand where I was upset at myself for now snowing in a pretty obvious spot.  Funny thing is I probably would have lost the pot anyway but still annoyed that I didn't make the correct play.

I ended the day with 80,800 which is about half of average stack.  The good news is we still have plenty of play left as the next level is only 2k/4k for the limit games and 500/1k for the big bet games.

Here is my seat draw for day 2:

Tom McCormick 150800 Amazon / 364 / 1
Marco Johnson 138000 Amazon / 364 / 2
George Danzer 192200 Amazon / 364 / 3
Ashton Griffin 190200 Amazon / 364 / 4
Alexander Kravchenko 107900 Amazon / 364 / 5
Erik Seidel 147200 Amazon / 364 / 6
George Lind 80800 Amazon / 364 / 7
Dan Shak 87600 Amazon / 364 / 8


  1. Hi George,

    First of all congrats for your baby and your awesome work on hyper sngs.

    Were will you play now that PS is closed for americans?

    Can any other pokerroom give this type of sngs for you?

  2. i have no idea what i'm gonna do yet, not gonna think about it til after the wsop is over

  3. In soccer they will call that as the death team. when more than one competitive teams are in the same bracket on in thise case on the table.


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