Monday, July 4, 2011

WSOP Day 34, 50k Player's Championship Day 2

Started the day with about 80k which was about half the average stack, but the 3rd hand I pick up JJ in middle position at 500/1k blinds in NLHE.  Erik Seidel limps, I raise to 4k, everyone folds to Erik who calls.  Flop AJ2 rainbow, check to me, I bet like 5500, Erik checkraises to like 13k, I call.  Turn is a 5, Erik bets like 19k I call.  River is a 4, Erik bets 30k, I go all in for like 15k more and Erik tanks for a few minutes but finally calls and my hand is good.  Pretty crucial getting a double up on the 3rd hand of the day.  After that I hovered between like 120-160k for the next few levels, then went on a mini-rush in the 2nd to last level to get over 200k for the first time in the tourney.  Then the last level I got down to like 150k with a half hour left in the day, then went on an enormous rush in the limit games, scooping like 8 pots out of the last 20 hands dealt, and ended the day with 398,500, which is probably around 10th in chips with 74 people left going into day 3.

Table draw for day 3:

Scott Clements 213000 Amazon / 296 / 1
Andrey Zaichenko 291000 Amazon / 296 / 2
George Lind 398500 Amazon / 296 / 3
John Hennigan 204300 Amazon / 296 / 5
Phil Hellmuth 271200 Amazon / 296 / 6
David Oppenheim 608000 Amazon / 296 / 7
Benjamin Lamb 704500 Amazon / 296 / 8


  1. Glglglgl dude !!!!

  2. hahah helmuth! make him break dowwwnnnn!! GL kill it


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