Tuesday, July 5, 2011

WSOP Day 35, 50k Player's Championship Day 3

Entered the day with about 400k chips and ran kind of bad the first couple levels and was down as low as like 150k at one point, then I went on an absolutely enormous heater mostly in the stud games for the last 3 levels of the day and ended with 1,304,000 chips.  I'm currently 3rd in chips with 29 people left, paying 16 spots.  I feel like I'm playing absolutely great the last couple days, there was only one pot where I think I messed up today.  It was a triple draw pot where I had a decent feeling the guy was trying to snow but I let the 3rd guy stay in the pot and he ended up outdrawing me.  Another big pot I tried bluffing a stud pot with an ace doorcard where I checkraised 5th street against a guy with a 257 rainbow board and then bet the rest of the way, but he called me down with pocket QQs.  I'm fine with that play though as I definitely think it works often enough in that spot to be profitable, and he definitely had a much stronger hand than he usually would have there.

It feels great to be in such a great position in this tourney considering I ran pretty bad all of day 1, then doubled up on a nlhe hand on day 2 to get back to the starting stack, then ran bad again for 2 more levels.  I'm really happy that I was able to weather the storm without getting impatient or straying from my gameplan for this tourney.  Also nice to play in such a well-structured tournament where you can run bad for over a day and still have a chance to win.

Table draw for day 4:

296 1 Jeffrey Lisandro 330000
296 2 George Lind 1,304,000
296 3 Gus Hansen 774,000
296 4 --empty-- --
296 5 Robert Mizrachi 500,000
296 6 Marco Johnson 570,000
296 7 David Oppenheim 159,000
296 8 Minh Ly 715,000


  1. Awesome update, George. I've been watching you the whole series. It's great to see you doing well in this tournament. Out of all the big names in this tourney you're the guy I'm rooting for!

  2. Good to read you've got your mojo back!!

    Bring home the baconnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

  3. Take it down George. Long Reader of your blog.

  4. ohhhhhh big hand in stud-8
    go go go go¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

  5. Hi George,

    Keep up the great work. I sent you a pm on 2+2. get some well earned rest sir, and dominate today/tomorrow!



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