Monday, January 3, 2011

Swingy Start to the New Year

Broke my record for most games played in a day with nearly 2500 though and got 29k VPPs now.

Was having a great day til I started to add some of the higher limit games, then I ran at -30% in the $357s, which is the 2 big dips shown in the graph.

I should have stopped at about game #1850 though obviously.  :)


  1. i don't comprehend... 2500... 1 day?... does not compute.

  2. Ha! Funny George - I know when I tell people who don't usually gamble things such as "I was up $4000 and then finished up $1500." they always say - you should have stopped when you were up $4000 - makes my head hurt.

    When you come up with your verdict on the new hyper turbo satellite sng structure, please let us know.

    For now, I don't think they are good and have gone back to 9 player SNGs.

    Although - I do have to wonder - if the old structure was so bad, why does Stars still run them for certain daily events? For example the $77 daily event has a $31.60 6 player satellite in which 3rd place gets $32 and 1st and 2nd get the entry. These were running around 10pm or maybe 11pm eastern.

    I know you can't answer that - just thinking out loud.

    Best of luck in 2011 - except against me :-) (tiger711)

  3. *Jaw Drops*
    I struggle to comprehend how that many games is possible in one day but fair play. Full Respect. I aspire to play just a fraction of your volume in 2011!
    Best of luck at the tables!

  4. you are such a fucking joke. i have never seen anybody luckier than you. i'm sure you will consider it as your skill, but in fact you are running 3% above ev...I JUST WONDER HOW AND WHY

  5. How many time does it take you to play 2500 game in one day ? O.O~


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