Sunday, January 30, 2011

Moving in and Running Good

So we're finally somewhat situated in the new house, which is nice.  Still waiting on my desk to be built, which will be ready in 2 weeks.  For now I'm playing on my wife's desk which is in the sewing room, so I'm definitely looking forward to moving into my office.

I bought a new computer with a 24" monitor.  I've been playing on a laptop for the last 3 years so it will definitely be a change but I think my eyes will thank me eventually.  I haven't hooked it up yet though because I don't feel like putting it together here in the sewing room in the basement then moving it in 2 weeks, so for now I'm still playing on the laptop.

I will have some pictures of my office and my new setup when I get it ready.

Been running great in this house so far.  Up over $20k in sngs this week plus I got 2nd in the $215 2x chance for $7k last night, then tonight in the same tourney I got first for $23k.  Obviously I had to make up for blowing a big chiplead last night.  :)

Probably won't post again until the baby is born, which should happen any day now.  He's due in 10 days.


  1. Congrats on the rungood -- and tell your better half we're excited to meet the newest family member soon!

  2. WOW congrats George. Enjoy new family member. I have 2 daughters and they are the best thing in the world :) cheers

  3. Hi George I played the hypers with you all weekend, just wondering what you thought of my play? My name is Nardy09 on stars. GL and congrats on the new fam. I have two young ones of my own. best thing ever!

  4. Do you ever play sit-n-go's like you used to? Meaning not all the hyper turbo ones. You used to be the man .. you and stevie444 .. but now all you appear to play is hyper.. shove fest.

  5. gl with the new one on board. I just had a baby girl just over 7 months ago and it's amazing. Also congrats on the big scores, your work ethic is very motivational. glgl

  6. hey man, huge huge fan, watch u grind alot, and a super big congrats on the run good start to 2011, and obv hopefully it continues...

    doubt you'll answer but i was wondering what ur notes on chapmoney were? he lives 5 mins from me and is a pretty good friend.
    anyways like i said doubt you'll answer that, but gl in the future, i'm sure you'll rape like always!!

  7. Congratulations to a good start. Good luck with the new family member and I would be glad to hear more about the points hunt for Supernova Elite. koecky777

  8. @nardy I don't like to tell my opponents whether I think they're playing well, sorry. :) Good luck though.

    @anon I don't play too many regular sngs anymore mostly because I'm doing so well in the hypers, and also regular sngs seem so slow now.

    @made Haha no I'm not going to answer that but most likely it's just some normal notes I make for people when I play the hypers, like what their ranges are in certain spots.

  9. @last person, I just crossed 300k VPP for the year yesterday, I'll be sure to put VPP updates in my blog entries more often. I always seem to forget to do that.

  10. Just saw your tweet. GRATS ON YOUR SON!!! That lil guy will deepen the meaning of everything life has to offer... and it only gets better with time. Enjoy fatherhood!

    Now lets see what jorj can do at the tables when sleep deprived! Hows that for a new challenge. :P (Read the article about Phil Laak's 100+ hr poker marathon for a taste of it.) Seriously though, in a poker (and general) context, your motivation will probably be deepened as your hunger now comes from something greater than self or winning in and of itself. Whenever I need to remind myself what I'm thankful for, pro poker gives us a lot of chances to be with our kids that working stiffs dont get, and thats worth a lot.


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