Sunday, January 9, 2011

Busto at PCA

I busted in about 2 hours from the PCA main event.  I tried to bluff in a spot where I'd rarely be bluffing and got called, then called down someone in a spot where I thought he should be bluffing a lot, and he wasn't.  I may elaborate more in later posts but I had a lot to drink tonight.  :)

Still playing the 5k bounty tourney on the 13th, not sure if I'll play anything else before then.


  1. hi
    can you plz answer 1 question about the packages:

    when you reached 2 mio and 3 mio vpp did you get packages 20k worth each time or just at the first 1 mio vpp? or just the milestones


  2. nah u just get 20k cash for the 2nd and 3rd million, no extra packages


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