Thursday, January 13, 2011

5k Bounty Shootout Round 1

Here was my starting table for today:

George Lind Iii 1
Lukas Schwartz-Orbach 2
Kent Lundmark 3
Gregory Merson 4
Angel Guillen 5
Keven Stammen 6

Things started off pretty well when I made a flush on the river against Angel in a huge pot and raised him all in after he bet the river, and he called, and I got my chips up to around 45k from the starting stack of 25k about an hour into the tourney.  For the next hour or so I lost a few small pots and didn't win much of anything, and had about 32k on the first break.

After that the blinds started to get higher and I got it all in preflop with TT vs QQ and then with AQ vs 99 and lost them both, and was down to about 8k chips.  By this time the blinds were 400/800 so it was shoving time.  After that I chopped an all in with A7 vs A6, then won one with A2 vs A7 when I hit a 2 on the flop, putting me just over 20k chips.  After that I won a few pots to get to around 30k, at which point we were 3 handed, with Greg having won all 3 of the bounties so far.  So now blinds are 500/1000, Luke minraises the button, Greg folds, and I shove Q9dd with Luke having about 25k to start the hand.  He snap calls with AK of spades, the flop comes 9xx with 2 spades, but turn and river are blanks and so I win my first bounty.

We start heads up with me very slightly behind in chips, maybe something like 85k-65k.  I got the momentum early when I called a checkraise on the river and he was bluffing for about a 35k pot or so, and I took the chip lead for a moment.  He won a few smaller pots after that and then a big pot where I missed a draw, and he took about a 95-55 lead.  Then I won a few pots to inch closer, something  like 78k-72K, when the big hand happened.  Blinds 600/1200, he minraised the button and I called with 44.  Flop came 458 with 2 spades.  I checked, he bet 3600, I checkraised to 10200, he called pretty quickly.  Turn was an offsuit J, I bet 14500, he called fairly quickly again.  River was an offsuit ace.  I went all in for about 45k, he thought for maybe 30 seconds and finally called, and my hand was good.

So at that point I had about a 144k-6k chip lead.  We shoved or folded a few hands then got A2 vs Q8 and I was ahead til the river but he hit an 8 to get up to maybe 15k chips or so.  A few hands later he shoves again on the button and I call with A8, and he flips over KJdd.  Flop is A93 with 1 diamond so I'm way ahead, but the turn is the Q of diamonds to give him a ton of outs.  Luckily the river was a blank though and I won my table!

In total I get 10k for winning the table plus 2k for winning 2 bounties.  We restart at 7pm tomorrow with 36 people left, and if I can win my table tomorrow I'll be at the final table.  I don't know the payouts yet but I'm sure it'd be a pretty decent amount if I can win my table tomorrow.


  1. Thank you for sharing. Seems like your luck on stars continues in 2011l.

  2. Nice work! Hope you run good today.


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