Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Well, came into the day 13th in chips with 19 left, with 538k which was about half of average.  Had all shortish stacks at my first table and was able to steal the blinds quite a bit.  People were busting quickly and within a half hour or so I got it in against a guy with about 300k chips with a9 vs his 78 and won that hand to bust him and move up to about 900k chips, and that put us at 16 people left, so we broke down to two 8-handed tables.  My new table was much more aggressive and I wasn't getting much for hands so I just had to fold for a while while a few people busted and I moved up the pay scale.  Finally at blinds 15k-30k, I have about 650k left in the big blind, it's folded to the small blind who makes it like 70k to go and I look down at A5s and shove and he snap calls, never a good sign obviously.  He flips over AK and I miss and bust in 12th place for $37k, just missing the televised final table.

About a half hour after I bust, the guy running the 5k bounty shootout calls me and tells me I'm now first alternate in case someone doesn't show up, and since some people weren't prepaid that I had a decent shot of getting a seat in it.  So at that point I was already headed to the Crystal Casino where the bounty shootout was being held because I had to get a refund of my buyin.  At this point it's like 4:30 and he tells me they should know by 6 whether I have a seat or not.  Long story short, my wife and I waited til after 7 before everyone finally showed up, so I got shut out.  Would have been a nice one to get in because it's pretty much guaranteed TV time.  The guy was really nice about it though and promised me that I could have a spot in the PCA bounty shootout in January, and also gave me a comped limo ride back to my hotel.


  1. Unlucky to miss out on the final table, but sounds like you played a good tourney overall! So well played.

  2. I'm learning to play more aggressively cause I play a solid game (play accordingly) and I always make it to the final table on most tourneys I play in but where talking micro'S.

    So I have a question for you. I sell my play chips until I get to $100.00 and then I play the $3 buy inn, 180 sit n go (rebuy) because of the huge pay amounts and other sit n goes and I go up and down but eventually chase my losses and go broke. My question is How much should I save up in my bankroll from selling my play chips. More than $100.00 ? and what sit and go's should I play that match the bankroll you think I should start at?

    Thanks so much for your time man.. Your an inspiration to me. Specially when I saw how many times you placed in NON REAL MONEY TOURNEYS ! LOL WOW YOU PUT SOME TIME IN NON MONEY GAMES :)

  3. My email is nexus_661@yahoo.com if you could answer my above question that would be awesome...


  4. Hi tony, I'm definitely the wrong person to ask about bankroll stuff because when I had a small bankroll back in the day i was absolutely terrible about managing it properly. I do know that the 180 mans have a ton of variance though and I wouldn't be surprised if you need as much as $1k to safely play them if you are a winning player. If you aren't a winning player it obviously doesn't matter what your bankroll is as you will eventually go broke anyway.

    As for what to play I can't really answer that because it's different for every person, but if you're looking to lower variance you're definitely better off playing 1-table sng's if you are any good at them. Hope this helps.

  5. Thanks man !!

    From what you said about playing 1 table sit n goes I think I need to save alot more than 100.00 because the smallest buy inn on those take way to much rake. So I need to have a bankroll to get into the 5 or 6 dollar 1 table s&g. I just crave playing those mtt's cause of the big pay offs lol... But I understand now when you talk about the variance in those games. So basically I have to win little buy little by playing low variance structured games. So their is no magic tourney at low buy inns to play to win large. I think I'll save the mtts for live play cause I prommised myself I would never buy inn in online.

    Thanks again jorj BIG TIME !!!

    At Pokerstars I am istan say hi anytime and if I see you in vegas I buy the drink you pay for the buy inn lol...


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