Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Interesting day to say the least.  Started the day with about 400k in chips and held steady for the first couple levels, but then lost a couple hands to bring me down to 140k at 5k/10k blinds.  Shoved a few hands then finally got called on one of them when I had AK and my opponent had JJ, and I hit an ace on the flop to double up.  About one orbit later I pick up A9 in the cutoff and raise to 22k, the button makes it about 60k, the small blind was sitting out because he had a one round penalty and I had stolen the last hand when it was the sitout guy's big blind.  So anyway the current big blind folds and I decide to ship for about 370k thinking that the button could be 3-betting me kind of light here since the small blind is sitting out.  Unfortunately he wasn't and he called with TT.  Flop came all low cards and so did the turn, but an ace on the river and I double up to about 725k.

The next couple levels I chipped up pretty good without really playing a big pot and got to just over 1 million chips at one point.  Then I lost a decent sized pot with AK vs QQ and after that for the whole last level I was completely card dead and just had to keep folding.  Anyway, I ended the day at 538k which is about half the average stack, and I'm 13th in chips with 19 people left.  We restart at 1pm Pacific time tomorrow and go until the final table of 8 people is left.


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