Saturday, November 13, 2010

NAPT Day 1

Sorry I didn't update this last night, I was really tired when I got in and went straight to bed.

So anyway, my table draw sucked all day.  It was mostly young internet kids, and a few older guys who may have been slightly tight but definitely weren't going to be giving away chips.  So I was just patient most of the day, waiting for good spots and hoping to make day 2 with a decent stack.

Only played a couple really big hands all day:

Level 1, 50/100:  I'm in the cutoff with about the 30k starting stack.  Guy 3 to my right opens for 300, guy on my direct right 3bets to maybe 800 or something, I 4bet to 2200 with QQ, everyone folds except the 3 bettor.  flop comes 559 rainbow, he checks, I bet about 3k, he calls.  Turn is another 5, he checks and I check.  I just didn't feel I was getting 3 streets of value very often but it's possible I could have I guess, and if I'm only getting 2 streets of value it's probably better to wait until the river, and I also think there's at least some chance he's playing AA or KK like this, so I'm trying not to go broke if this is the case.  So anyway I forget what river was but it was a low card for sure, he checks, I bet 6500, he thinks for a while and finally calls, and my QQ is good.

Level 8, 400/800/100:  I have about 50k chips at this time  The guy 3 off the button opens for 1600 and he had been super aggro all day and already showed a couple of 3 barrel bluffs and a hand where he 4bet 26hh in mid position after utg opened and utg+1 3bet, so needless to say he wasn't playing scared.  He had probably about 100k chips at this time.  It gets folded to me in the small blind with a9cc and I flat call, big blind folds.  Flop comes 865 with 2 diamonds and a club.  I check, he bets 2200, I call.  I feel like I have the best hand here a lot plus I have a gutshot straight draw and a backdoor flush draw, but also I don't really want to build a big pot against a guy who could be pushing all sorts of draws here, like any 7 or a diamond draw, or even a gutshot that's worse than mine.  Anyway, Turn comes an offsuit 3, I check, he bets 4800.  At this point I'm basically deciding whether I want to call 2 more streets with ace high which isn't a very fun thing to do on this type of board usually, but I figured he had a lot of hands he'd bet 2 more streets with that I'm in great shape against (hands like anything with a 4 7 or 9 in it where the other card isn't paired, also diamond draws).  So after a little hesitation I call.  River comes an offsuit 5 for a final board of 86535.  I check and he bets 9800 and I call pretty quickly because I already was pretty sure I was calling the river and every draw missed on the river.  He turns over T7o and I have to look for a few seconds to make sure he doesn't have anything, then I turn my hand over and take the pot, putting me up to about 70k.

One more hand right before the end of the night, I was still around 70k on the button, blinds 500/1k.  Guy 3 off the button raises to 2300, next guy calls, next guy 3bets to like 7k and has about 140k behind.  I look down to see KK and 4bet it small to something like 15k, hoping to induce something.  It gets folded around to the 3 bettor who thinks for at least 3 minutes before folding.  Would have been nice to get that one all in but oh well.

Other than those hands, most of the hands I played were standard open and cbet the flop, or just normal kind of 3bet or 4bet situations preflop which really aren't all that interesting.

Ended the day with 79,700 which should be a little above average going into day 2, which starts tomorrow.

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  1. I enjoy your posts. By any chance do you teach poker players?


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