Monday, November 15, 2010

NAPT Day 2

Holy rollercoaster day.  Got down to around 30k chips in the first hour or so at a really tough table, and then our table broke.  At the new table I turned 30k into 280k in a matter of about a half hour, then bluffed off half my stack to get down to around 110k.  Then I ran like god the last couple hours and finished the day with 407k, which puts me at about 1.5x average with about 80 people left.  We restart at 1PM Pacific time.

Not many interesting hands that I can remember, just a lot of standard preflop spots.  The hand where I bluffed half my stack off, was probably a pretty dumb play.  I knew a guy had a big pair on a dry board and tried to get him off of it since we were both pretty deep but then I gave up on the river.  It was most likely a good decision because I later saw him make some pretty loose calldowns in later hands.

Only other interesting hand was on the exact bubble with 105 spots left and 104 being paid.  My stack was about 220k at 2500/5000 blinds, folded to small blind who probably had about 300k to start the hand.  He makes it 12k to go which is a really small raise and I call in the big blind with 98o.  Flop comes QJ3 and he bets about 15k and I call, both trying to hit the gutshot and hoping I can take it away from him on the turn if he checks to me.  Turn comes a ten giving me a straight.  He checks and I bet 30k and he calls pretty quickly.  River is a blank and he checks again, and I fire 80k and he tanks for probably 3 minutes or so before finally calling.  Probably a good thing I hit because I was planning on firing the turn and possibly the river even if I missed.

We play down to 24 players tomorrow.  I'm signed up for the 5k bounty shootout tournament on Tuesday but obviously I'll unregister if I make it through tomorrow.


  1. Exciting Stuff, could take down a big one!! GL

  2. Best of luck, hope you get through the next day with a good stack!


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