Sunday, July 11, 2010

WSOP Main Event Day 2

Went into the day with 11,975 chips.

Level 5, 200/400/50:  Won a lot of small pots and never had to show down a hand, ended the level with 23k.

Level 6, 250/500/50:  Chipped up to 33k winning some more small pots when the following hand occurred.  I had been pretty active at the table so far, and raised to 1025 utg+1 with TT.  Folded to the big blind who called.  Flop T93, he checks, I bet 1500, he calls.  Turn 8 making the board T938, he checks, I bet 4500, he goes all in for about 22k, I obviously call.  He flips over J9, and the river is a queen giving him a straight, and now I'm down to 7k chips.  Kind of frustrating because I easily could have gotten to over 60k in about 1.5 hours after starting the day with 12k, but that's poker.

Next round I get 33 utg with 7k chips and shove, and the big blind calls with QTdd.  Not really sure what range he put me on to make that call but whatever.  The flop comes 448 with one diamond, and the turn comes the 5d, meaning he needs any 5 8 T Q or diamond to beat me, but somehow I fade it and double up to 15k.  After that hand I won the blinds quite a few times as my table was pretty tight, didn't really play any big pots the rest of the level, and ended the level with 23k.

Level 7, 300/600:  Lost like 6k chips when I 3bet a tight guy with A6cc knowing that he'd fold a lot, but he called, then we checked down the board of K64J8, and he showed TT.  Didn't really play any other big pots that level and ended the level with 23k.

Level 8, 400/800:  Chipped up to about 32k mostly from stealing the blinds and 3-betting.  Then a younger kid who just got moved to our table with a fairly big stack opens for 2k about 3 off the button, and I call in the big blind with 87hh.  Flop comes 843 rainbow and I check and he bets 3k and I call.  Turn is 5h putting two hearts on board.  I check and he bets 7k.  I consider both calling and raising but I really don't think he's ever laying down a better hand if I raise, and if I'm ahead he shouldn't have too many outs, and maybe I can induce him to bluff the river, so I call, leaving myself with about 22k chips.  River is an offsuit jack.  I check and after a few seconds of thought he sticks in a pile of 5k chips, putting me all in.  I think for a bit but I feel like I have to call here because I just feel like he could have a lot of hands he would 3-barrel on this board, and the range of value hands he can have isn't all that wide considering the pot-sized bet on the river.  So I call and he has KK and I'm busto.  I possibly could have found a better spot at my table I suppose but I'm not that disappointed because he definitely looked like someone who could be bluffing in that spot a lot.

Oh well, back to the online grind now.  :)


  1. "Oh well, back to the online grind now. :)"

    No more easy games :(

  2. you taking care of the pieces you sold?

  3. yeah i just got home like an hour ago, i'll probably do it tomorrow. don't worry i didn't forget :)

  4. lol yeah I know your good. Too bad no bracelet, next year for sure

  5. How much u loose on the wsop?

  6. Better luck next time around. I am constantly saying that to myself.

  7. OFFTOPIC George,

    have been reading your The Well posts and I have just one question to ask:
    If you were European will you take sports betting seriously again? And by seriously I mean heavy :) bcs there are several books that are trustworthy (companys with thousand of employees and traded at the major european stock markets: bwin, ladbrokes, willhill, bet365, Victor Chandler etc etc).

    Thx for the reply

  8. yeah i probably would but i have no plans to move to europe (at least in the near future)

  9. With all that money you make, could you buy yourself a personality?


  10. i mean i realize you're just trying to troll and probably aren't really chiren anyway, but for the wsop i was mainly just talking about the tournaments rather than personal stuff because that was what was on my mind at the time. my next post will be more personal, but it isn't really my goal to be outlandish just for the sake of getting attention.

  11. George is there anyway to PM you? Thanks.

  12. you can do it on twoplustwo i suppose. i had a way on here but took it away because too many people were spamming me with stuff.


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