Saturday, July 3, 2010

WSOP Day 37 Update

Event 54, $1k NLHE, Day 2:  Went into the day with 41k in chips, which put me in 40th out of about 600 people left, with just under 400 being paid.  Nothing really interesting before the bubble, lost about 20k in one pot with A2 vs AQ on an ace high flop with a lot of possible draws, but other than that I just stole the blinds a lot and when the bubble burst I had 47k.  Had a really interesting hand after the bubble, blinds were 600/1200, all relevant players had about 40-50k to start the hand, I opened for 2600 from the cutoff with KJdd, button called, big blind reraised to like 6000, I called and the button called.  Flop came A85 with 2 diamonds, big blind checks, I check because I think the button will bet with a lot of hands and also I can see whether the big blind is strong or not.  So the button bets 12k or so, big blind tanks for a few minutes and I'm pretty sure he has like JJ-KK or something and I kind of want him to call so I can push him off the hand on the flop.  But anyway he folds eventually and I go all in for about 25k more, and the button folds pretty much instantly, which I figured he would, because he shouldn't have very many hands in his range there that have an ace in it.  So that was nice to almost double up without even seeing a showdown and without even having a pair.  That hand put me at around 70k which is what I went to dinner break with.

After dinner break the first hand is folded to the button at 800/1600 and he opens for 4k with about 30k behind, and the small blind is not there so his hand is folded, so I figure the button has a pretty wide range, so I go all in with A6o and he snapcalls with KK and I don't suck out and I'm down to like 32k.  Then about 2 hands later I pick up AK and get it in vs AT and I hold and I'm back close to 70k.  Nothing eventful after that for about 2 hours until a hand at 1000/2000 where a guy with about 160k chips opens to 4500 in the cutoff, button calls, I have AKdd and raise to 14k, cutoff thinks for a bit and goes all in, button folds, I call obviously, he has QQ, time to race.  Flop comes with an ace, but queen on turn and I'm busto in 153rd place for $3182.

Just the main event left, I signed up for Day 1B, which is Tuesday the 6th.  Will be nice to have a couple days off from poker but obviously I wish I was still in that one.


  1. George,
    Best of luck. I sent you a 2+2 PM because Nick Rainey suggested it. Another thing I should have added to the message and thread is I finished 16th on last month's Full Tilt MTT leaderboard. Thanks.

    Ray Baker
    NestaRasta on Full Tilt/PokerStars

  2. Been following your blog throughout the WSOP and finally wanted to post to say that it's absolutely fantastic stuff and there have been so many gems of wisdom that have helped me with my own game. Much appreciated :-)


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