Saturday, July 3, 2010

WSOP Day 36 Update

Event 54, $1k NLHE:  Ran so good today, sucking out on people at least 5 different times, only lost one big pot all day when I had 99 vs KK and I thought for sure I was going to win that one too, but oh well.  Ended the day with 41,575 chips from the starting stack of 3k.  Should be about 600 people left with about 400 getting paid, and I have slightly over double the average stack.  Hopefully I don't make a quick exit like I did a few days ago in the $1500 nlhe when I had a ton of chips on day 2 then too.

No more events until the main event.

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  1. Excellent work -- hope the rungood continues today.


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