Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Movin' On Up

So after about 4 long months of house hunting and consulting builders, we finally agreed to terms on a house yesterday.  It was hard because my wife and I are both pretty picky about what we want in the house and it was really hard to find one that even came close, but finally we found one that has pretty much everything we want.  As long as everything goes according to plan, we will be moving in at the beginning of the new year.  It's quite a relief for this to (hopefully) be done before the kid is born, just because it will be way less of a hassle that way.  So if you don't see me playing as much in January, that's probably why.  Well that and I'll be in Bahamas for the PCA for 10 days.

I'm currently at 2,136,073 VPPs and am going to try to end the year at 2.25 million so I can get the extra $10k bonus.  Most Tuesdays I can earn like 15-20k VPPs if the games are going good, and I can usually earn 10k VPPs or slightly more on Sundays, and since I need about 114k more I should be able to come relatively close to 2.25 mil on the 'Only Tuesdays and Sundays' plan.  I'm hoping to start to see some of the Supernova Elite chasers who are behind pace coming into my games in the last couple weeks so hopefully that will make the games go more, plus it might make them better since a lot of these guys don't know the hyperturbo strategy very well due to not playing them very often.  If the Tuesday and Sunday plan falls short obviously I can play other days too, but it's way harder to get motivated on those days because I earn VPPs at like half the rate per hour (or less) because the games don't go as often.

USACOOP was decent, I did pretty well in the satellites and cashed in a couple of the events, but nothing big.  I had a decent stack in the main event about 50 spots from the money, but then lost half my stack on a hand where I played every street badly except preflop.  I lasted for a few more hours and cashed in something like 150th place, but it's frustrating to make one dumb play to wipe out half my stack in a tourney I felt like I was playing really well in.  But that's how it goes in tourneys.


  1. Consider my response a healthy mix of "congrats on finding the new place" and "burn in the fiery cauldrons of hades for getting The Jeffersons theme song in my head."

  2. Haha Jorj , funny post.What strategy you can have in hyperturbo SNG's ? Push and pray ?

  3. praying is a big part of the strategy :)

  4. Hey Jorj, congrats on finding a new house/the baby on the way!
    Just stumbled across your blog, I used to play in the hyper-turbos, but after going on a massive downswing (at least for me), I decided to give it up!
    Good luck with the 2.25mil target!


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