Thursday, December 16, 2010

Finally Running Good

So after about 3 months of results that looked like this:

The last few weeks have looked more like this:

But while I was running good recently, we all had (and are still having) a little sweat with the Harry Reid bill, which made me feel sort of like this:

especially since I'm not all that informed on the bill and really don't know which side I'm rooting for.  I think it's a good thing if it's done correctly, but I just never trust the government to not screw things up (although they could easily screw things up whether this bill passes or not).  It just seems like such a tenuous situation, especially since if we get it regulated, the first time someone under 21 gets caught playing online, we will get the always powerful and logic-filled political argument of

In other news, PokerStars signed Isildur1 to their team recently.  My sources say he looks something like this:

He is famous for seemingly coming out of nowhere last year to win millions against some of the best competition in the world in a matter of weeks, and then losing millions to them in a matter of days, and then disappearing for a while.  I have to admit I'm not much of a "fanboy" of watching poker players play online, but his whole story is pretty interesting in my opinion and I've found myself on multiple occasions looking him up on PokerStars and watching some of his games.


  1. Would be interested to hear your thoughts on your downswing, which looks like a pretty big anomoly... seems there was more too it than running bad. Not playing FPP hypers which keep graph up? Moved game mix up (or players getting better) to the point where players are skilled enough that (Jorj's edge - rake =~ 0)? Leak deviating from solid strategy? More time spent in dad-to-be mode and less on homework? Or do you think it was really all variance?

  2. Yeah a decent part of it was that I was playing way higher limits and running bad (especially in the 2k and 4k buyin ones, probably at least half of my downswing was in 2 sessions in those buyins, and it's hard to make it up playing games that are 1/10 the size of those).

    And I also know I wasn't putting as much effort into reviewing my sessions as I was before, but honestly I haven't been in the last few weeks either and I've been winning.

    I still think it was mostly variance, but really it's probably some combination of all the factors you listed.

  3. ok, yeah variance seems like it could be a big part considering a few sessions of 2-4K hypers. For those who didnt know what limits mix you were at, it looked like you had lost some edge. Good to know you still 'got it'. :P

  4. Isildur1 is a great marketting ploy by Stars, one they can continue to milk for a few months and one that Full Tilt certainly missed out on

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