Thursday, August 12, 2010

Arizona State Poker Championship

So the AZ State Poker Championship starts tomorrow.  It's held at Casino Arizona and it's a $1k buyin with 3 starting days, but a nice little thing about it is that you can buy in for all 3 starting days if you don't make day 2.  Hopefully I only have to buy in once but it's nice to have that opportunity, and I really think more tournaments should do that.  They really have nothing to lose by doing it that way.

The only thing that sucks about this tourney is that it starts at 9am.  I've been on a schedule lately of waking up around noon or so, so I'll probably need to make a quick Starbucks stop before I go in.

I'll be at table 7 seat 7 (seems lucky?) on tomorrow, Friday the 13th (or maybe not so lucky?).  If any of you are attending, feel free to say hi.  I'll probably post a quick recap of the day after each day and update my twitter on each break if I remember to do so.


  1. good luck jorj. i might stop by and say hi on day 2 or 3, can't tomorrow due to work =/

  2. Rebuying on every day is an interesting concept. Maybe if you have less than the starting stack with an hour to go, it's time to bust or double up?


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