Saturday, March 20, 2010

Where I want to go with this blog

First and foremost, I want this blog to be appealing and interesting to hardcore poker players, casual players, and people who don't play poker at all who are just interested in following what I'm doing.  I realize that might be quite a task to appeal to all 3 groups, and obviously every post I make will probably be directed more to one of those categories of readers than the other 2, but I will try my best to accomplish this.

I would like this blog to somewhat emulate my Well thread that I linked to in a previous blog entry, which means I would like questions from you guys.  I will probably have trouble coming up with enough interesting subjects to write about without the help of you guys (every entry would probably be something like "grinded for 6 hours again today, won/lost some $, and got a few VPPs"), and also it lets me know what you guys are interested in hearing about.  The one thing I probably will not write much about is "how to play this hand" type of posts.  Honestly it bores me for the most part and also I feel like I have a lot to lose by sharing strategy.  Pretty much any other subject is okay with me (including non-poker-related subjects that you're curious about).

For this, I created a message submission form under the Contact Me link.  This was my first time using html so I hope it works properly.  I did test it a few times and it seems to work so far.  If you notice any bugs in it, feel free to use the Contact Me page to tell me about them...errr...just leave a comment here.  :)

March Madness brackets can go screw themselves, I'm pretty sure I'm almost eliminated from every pool I entered already.  I probably won't watch many games this weekend (what fun is it if you don't have any $ on it?), so I will probably be playing more poker than I expected to.  I'm at 825k VPP (for non-poker people, think of frequent flyer miles for poker players...and using this analogy it's probably the equivalent of me being on a plane for 16 hours a day all year), and I would like to get to 1 million by the end of the month, but I don't know if it's going to happen.  I will definitely get there in the first few days of April otherwise.

I feel like a true member of Team PokerStars now because I got 6 patches in the mail today to wear at live tournaments.  It's looking like I won't be playing any live tourneys until the WSOP though.  I wanted to go to NAPT Mohegan Sun in Connecticut but it's just so far out of the way and my wife can't go, and I didn't win a seat yet.  It just sucks to fly all that way then bust in 3 hours or whatever, especially if the wife isn't going.

I'm already excited about the WSOP even though it's over 2 months away still.  Wife & I (and the dog) just got a house in Vegas for the duration.  Hopefully I can do better than in previous years.


  1. <--- I'll be up at your level soon enough my friend.

  2. damn sad to hear you aren't coming to NAPT Mohegan. But gl in WSOP.

  3. I'm also excited about the WSOP, even though I'm not playing... :) I going to watch the whole WSOP, so good luck and hope to see you on TV!! ;)

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